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Lake Erie Fishing Tips



Locating Lake Erie Springtime Smallmouth Bass


One tip in locating Springtime smallmouth bass on Lake Erie is water temperature. When the ice comes off the lake look for areas that warm up first. Creek mouths are one of the areas to look at. Creeks empty warm water into the lakes. The warm water brings nutrients flowing into the lake that attract bait fish. Creek mouth areas usually have a collection of rock, gravel and sand that is ideal smallmouth structure.

Look for these areas with the use of your electronics and a Aqua View underwater camera. Put warmer water, bait, and structure together and you have a key location for Lake Erie springtime smallmouth.

Some of the creeks to look for, in the eastern basin are Canadaway Creek, Cattaraugus Creek, Eighteenmile Creek and Smokes Creek and there are numerous smaller ones that flow in to Lake Erie


When going out on Lake Erie to battle those 4's, 5's and bigger smallmouth, proper tackle selection is a must. Here are my recomendations for various techniques to catch those huge smallmouth:

Lake Erie Tube Rods & Reels

All Star Rods Platinum series Rods
Pflueger Supreme Spinning Reels
P785-MS 6' 6" model # 8030MG
P-815-SWW 6' 9" model # 8030MG
Lake Erie Drop Shotting Rod & Reel  
All Star Rods Platinum series Rods Pflueger Supreme Spinning Reels
P-845-MS 7 ft model # 8035 MG
Lake Erie Jerk Bait Rods & Reels  
All Star Rods Platinum series Rods Pflueger Supreme Casting Reel
P-725-C 6 ft model # PFL- Supreme LP
P-785-C 6 1/2 ft model # PFL - Supreme LP
Baits for Lake Erie  
Tube Jigs  
Canyon White Belly Tubes fished on football heads ( 1/4 oz to 1/2 oz) these tubes resemble the Goby which is the number one smallmouth bass forage on Lake Erie
Drop Shotting Baits  
Poor Boys Baits - Gobys baits , Erie Darters  
Berkley Baits - Gulp 3 and 5 inch Leeches , Gulp 3 and 4 inch Minnows
Jerk Baits Lucky Crafts Pointers 100 & Slender Pointers in colors Ghost Aya, Aurora Black, MS American Shad in clear water condition , Stained water - colors Chartreuse Shad , Chartreuse Blue
Line - Seaguar Invizx Fluorocarbon 6 lb to 10 lb test on Tube baits and Drop Shotting Rods
Seaguar Carbon Pro Fluorocarbon 10 lb test on Jerk Bait Rods
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